Hello, I am a creative developer


In this paragraph, I am going to describe myself as an android app developer. Firstly, This is Amimul Ihsan Mahdi, and I am a professional Android App Developer & Trainer. Secondly,  I am a passionate developer, keen to learn new technologies. And, I am skilled with Android SDK, Database System and up to date on variety environment tools like Java, XML, and Firebase. Further, I am Experienced with customer service and crafting software to meet customer needs. Above all, I have completed my bachelor of science in Computer Science & Engineering from Leading University, Sylhet.

Here, I am going to describe my experience and knowledge in Programming and Android Application Development. Firstly, I worked in various institution and got certified successfully. Secondly,  I am working with Android Application Development since 2017. In addition, I have trained up to 150+ students in Android Application development. And, The knowledge in Android Core, Database, and API systems describes me a lot. Further, programming knowledge in C, C++, Java, Data, Structure, Algorithm, and Web Developing etc was also learned by me. Moreover, those knowledge helped me a lot in real life to obtain a successful position.

However, my knowledge in Website development is not as good as Mobile Application Development. But, I worked with Website Development using WordPress Customization. And, while working in both Collectors Abode and Centava, I developed my web developing knowledge in Website Development using WordPress. Therefore, I maintained both Collectors Abode and Centava website successfully. In other words, I learned how to use plugin and applied my knowledge successfully in Collectors Abode, Centava, Centava Slow Food, and TechMahdi.

In conclusion, it is lucid to say that I earned my knowledge in both Mobile Application Development and Website development in the past year and gave service to various institution.